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About Us

  • The ‘Audio CD World’ launched its website in the year 2023 on April 14 th Tamil New Year Day
  • The ‘Audio CD World’ strictly not selling re-pressed or cloned CDs.
  • The ‘Audio CD World’ provides two categories, one is ‘sale’ other is ‘collection’.
  • The ‘Audio CD World’ Under the sale category selling only one format, that is original audio CDs manufactured under various labels.
  • The ‘Audio CD World’ provides all the details regarding each and every CDs that are available with two to three clear photographs with readability of all details.
  • The ‘Audio CD World’ mentioned the condition of each and every cd that is available for sale that are as follows:
    • Sealed – factory sealed CDs.
    • New CDs – opened CDs.
    • Like New – opened and might have been used.
    • Used CDs – pre-owned CDs.
    • Unused CDs- might be pre-owned but not used so for.
    • Unused or used – 99% – very mild airline scratches.
    • Unused or used – 98% – with mild handling scratches.
    • Unused or used – 97% – very less scratches but notable.

above-mentioned cd conditions are only displayed in our website. We don’t
sell any deeply scratched or non-playable audio CDs.


  • The “audio cd world” present the collections of scanned copy of the (art work) original inlays and original cd images. Which will be useful for audio cd collectors to know the releases of various labels.
  • The ‘’audio cd world “also included all type of information like, label, releasing year, cd number etc. with chronological order of various labels and music directors.
  • The “audio cd world” specially included the ring mark of the original CDs which will help you to differentiate the original CDs from the re-pressed ones.
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